ELT Platform is a collection of extra exercises that students can do on-line, while the teacher maintains control. These exercises are connected to MM Publications coursebooks and can be accessed through computer, tablet or smartphone.

Apart from making the exercises available, the teacher can see the students’ results with plenty of statistics allowing to keep track of the progress of the group as well as individual students.


Using the ELT Platform is a great way to introduce digital materials to the lessons, as required in the new national curriculum.


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This depends on the situation at the school.

The easiest way of using the ELT Platform is to set the exercises as homework. The students can reach the platform through a computer, tablet or smartphone as long as they have an internet connection.

The exercises can also be done as part of the lesson. Almost all schools have tablets or laptops that can be taken into the classroom or a computer rooms, where the students can do the exercises.

If these options aren’t possible, the platform can be used as extra practice material and the teacher can use a projector or Interactive Whiteboard to show the exercises, which can be done together or individually.





After registration, the teacher and students receive their log-in details, which allows them access to the platform. The students are grouped in classes and are connected to the teacher’s account. The students don’t have access to the exercises until the teacher makes them available for the class.


Making the exercises available

The teacher has access to all exercises and can try them to see what they are like. Since they are listed per module, it’s easy to see when they can be used. It only takes two clicks to make an exercise available for the students and if desired, the teacher can also set a deadline.

Students doing the exercises

When the students log into the system, they will receive a message that the teacher has made an exercise available. The exercises are automatically corrected, so the students receive immediate feedback about their score and the correct answers


After doing the exercise, the students are shown their results and if there are any mistakes, they get a second chance to correct their answers (with tests, they can only do the exercise once). After that, they are clearly shown which answers were correct or incorrect.

After this, the students won’t have the possibility to redo the exercise.





The teacher has access to the results and they can be viewed in different types of reports. The colour coding allows for all the important information to be seen in a single glance.



A column chart, showing the students’ average score in each task category.   A pie chart, showing how much time the students needed to do the exercises.   A bar chart, showing how many students have received an excellent, good or weak marks.  




Simply click here to gain access to this cutting-edge service



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