LEVEL A1  
  Vocabulary picture dictionary  
  Vocabulary activities  
  Diagnostic test  
  Class survey: Free time  
  My neighbourhood  
  An endangered animal  
  A feel good poster  
  A brochure about a country  


   LEVEL A2  
  Vocabulary activities  
  Diagnostic test  
  Project: The World’s tallest buildings  
  Project: A newspaper front page  
  Project: Clean-up day  
  Project: Have you ever thought of exploring the Antarctic?  
  Project: An adventure holiday plan  


  LEVEL B1  
  Vocabulary activities  
  Diagnostic test  
  Project: A terrible holiday experience  
  Project: My CV  
  Project: Take action  
  Project: Extreme sports  


   LEVEL B2  
  Vocabulary activities  
  Diagnostic test   



  Mock Exam 1 - Examinee.pdf  
  Mock Exam 1 - Examiner.pdf  
  Mock Exam 2 - Examinee.pdf  
  Mock Exam 2 - Examiner.pdf  
  Mock Exam 3 - Examinee.pdf  
  Mock Exam 3 - Examiner.pdf  
  Mock Exam 4 - Examinee.pdf  
  Mock Exam 4 - Examiner.pdf  
  Mock Exam 5 - Examinee.pdf  
  Mock Exam 5 - Examiner.pdf  
  Mock Exam 6 - Examinee.pdf  
  Mock Exam 6 - Examiner.pdf  




  Differences between British English and American English  
  Phonetic symbols  
  Learning tips  
  Writing correction guidelines  
  Exam tips  




The following lessons come from our International Maths, International Science and Digital Kids series. Please check the level before sharing them with your students.


Science 5: Water cycle 

Digital Kids Racer (ICT): My wired world 

Digital Kids Genius (ICT): Sharing your ideas 

Digital Teens 2 (ICT): Communicating online